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Marine blast cleaning

If you are looking for safe and affordable blast cleaning services for your ships from a team of experts in Plymouth you can rely on Blaster Master. Our blasting services are guaranteed to remove paint and anti-fouling. We have over 30 years' experience in the trade, get in touch today for more information.

Blaster Master specialises in the removal of paints and anti-fouling from G.R.P (glass fibre). The right choice of equipment, nozzle, hoses, pressure and medium (fine/soft abrasive, soda, wet or dry) are all essential. However, over 30 years’ experience, gained by working on hundreds of GRP boats, makes Blaster Master the safest choice.


If a boat has an osmosis problem, Blaster Master can crank up the pressure, change the abrasive and expose the blistering to assist in drying out the hull.


Yacht Clubs – talk to us for a club discount.


The team at Blaster Master also works on: Steel, wood and Ferro yachts, cast iron keels, trailers and other external/internal fittings.

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"We have dealt with Blaster Master on many occasions and have always found them to provide a professional service with minimum disruption. We have many commercial and private customers with high expectations that command a reliable and efficient service. We achieve our high standards with the assistance of companies such as Blaster Master. They are experts in their field and we have no doubt that when we contact them they will deliver on time and achieve the results we demand. A good experience, peace of mind, we would not hesitate to recommend them."

- Richard Porter, General Manager, Mashfords Boatyard

If you need your boat professionally blast cleaned you can rely on Blaster Master in Plymouth. Call:


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